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Information about JJ's Mega Course

Sunday, September 11

Start times from 9 (and possibly earlier) to 11 am

Finish closes at 3 pm

The whole thing -- 200 controls, 18.38 km -- a new world record, smashing the existing record of 154 controls set in Fontainebleau, France.

Or, for those a little less ambititious, energetic, or crazy, there are the following shorter options, still giving you a chance to set at PR (personal record) for the most controls you've ever found in a day --

Short option A -- 160 controls, 15.31 km (includes a 300-meter bridge leg)

Short option A1, eliminating the last 22 controls -- 138 controls, 13.17 km (includes a 300-meter bridge leg)

Shorter option B -- 129 controls, 12.87 km (includes a 830-meter bridge leg)

Short option B1, eliminating the last 22 controls --107 controls, 10.73 km (includes a 830-meter bridge leg)

Shortest option C -- 81 controls, 8.06 km (includes a 590-meter bridge leg)

Shortest option C1, eliminating the last 22 controls -- 59 controls, 5.92 km (includes a 590-meter bridge leg)

The "cut off" options refer to the fact that the course passes by the finish with 22 controls to go, all in the parking/beach area, and covering a little over 2 km. Folks who are really beat might want to just quit at that point (although the bystanders will surely egg them on). These aren't the only options of course, but they're suggested shortenings. (Doing just the last 19 controls, in 2.12 km, may be enough for a PR for some folks!) The "bridge legs" are the places where you skip ahead on the course, and they're normal Pawtuckaway forest legs, although with either a nearby parallel trail or a trail catching feature near the end.

Remember, pre-registration is required by September 3.

Start times will not be assigned, check in and start when you wish. Results will be based on the number of controls gotten, with ties broken by time taken.