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Entries as of 9/6

Late entries may be possible.

For the Mega-control on Sunday, it's ok if JJ has enough maps, but sign up in advance as soon as possible. I'm not sure when he is printing..

For the Sprint Finals, it may be ok, but it depends on the circumstances. If you are a hotshot, I'll put you on a waiting list in case anyone in the top heats can't make it (I don't want to revise the seedings once they are done}. Adding you onto a lower heat is easier, but it still would be best to send in an entry as soon as possible, and we see what can be done. But no guarantees. And for sure, don't shpw up at the last moment expecting to run if you aren't already signed up.

If you have entered, but won't be able to make it, please let me know in case there is someone waiting for an open slot.


How to enter

The Sprint Finals are sponsored by Joe Scarborough of Scarborough Orienteering and  

Women: Sprint - 21 so far, Mega - 24 so far Men: Sprint - 56 so far, Mega - 59 so far Please check your SI number and let me know of any corrections. Name Club Age Sex SI# Sprint Mega Kristin Hall UNO 38 F 33067 yes yes Heidi Onkst QOC 43 F 7016 yes yes Janet Tryson EMPO 52 F 46608 yes no Daria Babushok DVOA 27 F 263851 yes yes Sandy Fillebrown DVOA 51 F 7010 no yes Mary Jones OK 42 F 7095 yes yes Ekaterina Orekhova 19 F rent yes yes Peggy Dickison OK 45 F 255400 yes yes Gail Gagarin CSU 57 F 46646 yes yes Pavlina Brautigam WCOC 40 F 866006 yes yes Viktoria Brautigam CSU 20 F 43893 yes yes Angelica Riley DVOA 35 F 46644 yes yes Pia Kivisäkk CSU 34 F 19847 yes yes Lynette Walker WCOC 65 F 402107 yes no Katarina Smith FF 34 F 30969 yes yes Susan DeWitt WCOC 40 F 7030 yes yes Rhonda DeWeese WCOC 51 F ---- no yes Sanna Sevanto CSU 21 F 355682 yes yes Victoria Campbell CSU 21 F 402093 yes yes Suzanne Armstrong CSU 23 F 221428 yes yes Judy Karpinski NEOC F ? yes yes Kseniya Popova HVO 19 F 07079 yes yes Lex Bundschuh UNO 48 F 255378 no yes Samantha Saeger NEOC 23 F 263046 yes yes Barbara Bryant NEOC 43 F ---- no yes Tracy Olafsen UNO 50 F ---- no yes Erin Olafsen UNO 24 F ---- no yes Mike Waddington GHO 38 M 350888 yes yes Mark Adams GHO 42 M 350870 yes yes Mikkel Conradi CSU 28 M 352888 yes yes Ian Finlayson NEOC 31 M rent yes no Dean Sturtevant NEOC 50 M rent yes yes John Fredrickson HVO 19 M 07063 yes yes Charlie DeWeese WCOC 58 M 216551 yes yes Vladimir Gusiatnikov BAOC 32 M 255392 yes yes Dave Dunham UNO 41 M rent yes yes Randy Hall DVOA 40 M 268380 yes yes Steve Noller ICO 42 M rent yes yes Phil Bricker NEOC 51 M rent yes yes Mihai Veres SVO 44 M 7092 yes yes David Onkst QOC 43 M 7017 yes yes Glen Tryson EMPO 52 M 46607 yes yes Rob Tryson EMPO 17 M 46609 yes no Hans Fransson GHO 33 M 14702 yes yes Patrick Goeres GHO 20 M 208501 yes yes Vadim Masalkov DVOA 36 M 46632 yes yes Joe Brautigam WCOC 43 M 43894 yes yes Clem McGrath DVOA 31 M 352865 yes yes Clinton Morse WCOC 43 M rent yes yes Ted Good QOC 41 M 255389 yes yes Scott Turner NEOC 57 M 46545 yes no William Hawkins CSU 28 M 44181 no yes Michael Eglinski OK 41 M 7094 yes yes Eric Pevoto DVOA 37 M 211730 yes yes Nadim Ahmed QOC 44 M 866003 yes yes Greg Balter DVOA 42 M 46642 yes yes Sergei Zhyk DVOA 26 M 402078 yes yes Wyatt Riley DVOA 32 M 46592 yes yes Mark Webb 40 M rent yes yes George Walker WCOC 62 M 402117 yes yes Wil Smith FF 32 M 350376 yes yes Jon Torrance QOC 34 M 866008 yes yes Jeffrey Saeger NEOC 56 M 263044 yes yes Sergei Rybachuk 46 M rent yes yes Nevin French GHO 30 M 232089 yes yes Tim Good QOC 46 M ? yes yes Rick DeWitt WCOC 47 M 7031 yes yes Ken Walker Jr. CSU 27 M 46638 yes yes Eddie Bergeron SVO 36 M 46511 yes yes Peter Frykman NEOC 53 M rent yes no Brian Moore RMOC 34 M 354213 yes yes Rex Winterbottom BAOC 30 M 43855 yes yes Jonathan Campbell CSU 31 M 221423 yes yes Jim Pugh NEOC 54 M ---- no yes Greg Walker CSU 24 M 509905 yes yes Bill Pullman DVOA 51 M rent yes no Daniel Schaublin HVO 48 M 07089 yes yes Erik Osborn OME 31 M rent no yes Jim Arsenault UNO 47 M ---- no yes Brendan Shields CSU 22 M rent yes yes Michael Commons NEOC 66 M rent yes no Nicholas Commons-Miller NEOC 16 M rent yes no J-J Cote RMOC 44 M 46577 yes no Martin Ward SPOOK 35 M 671109 yes yes Eric Smith CNYO 62 M 7098 yes yes Ross Smith CSU 21 M 7099 yes yes Eric Bone COC 31 M 46654 yes yes Ken Walker Sr CSU 56 M 53559 no yes Pete Bundschuh UNO 50 M 255379 no yes Sam Levitin NEOC 43 M ---- no yes Alar Ruutopold UNO 46 M 255377 no yes David Yee NEOC 42 M ---- no yes Steve Olafsen UNO 49 M ---- no yes Peter Gagarin CSU 61 M ---- no yes