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Louisville Sprint, Saturday, March 26, 2005

1.  Gabe Svobodny, MVOC,  M16       11:46
2.  Steve Noeller,  ICO,  M21       12:48
3.  Brian Moore, Colorado, M21      13:02
4.  Tom Svobodny,                   14:36
5.  Dan Mattingly, OLOU, M35        15:16
6.  Eric Tullis, ICO                16:27
7.  Shawn Smith, OLOU,  M21         17:02
8.  Scott Balmer, ICO               17:26
9.  Jim Carter,  OLOU, M50          19:37
10. Steve Socha,  OLOU              21:46
11. Noah Hamilton, OLOU, M10        32:11
    John Thomas, OLOU               DNF (injury)

The Sprint event was 2.3km long and had 17 controls. A dozen individuals competed on the sprint course. The fastest time was recorded by Gabe Svobodny, from Dayton. His father finished 4th. The fast time by an OLOU member was recorded by Dan Mattingly in 15:16. Most of the people who competed in the sprint also ran another course. It was very popular with those local club members and the Indiana (ICO) people who expressed an opinion.

Louie Smith