"Proconsul Magne:

Ave, dux certaminis.

Fortasse ego regnabo silvestrem-cursum-brevem-et-celerrimum vespere mensis Julii VII, in Needame, MA.

Sed, si cursus similis a mente et manu Samanthae Saegeris vespere mensis Juni XXI (iam in tuo Kalendario) non satis plenus cursorum, ego meum cursum non regnabo, quia non cupio laborare per minimum gregem.

Ergo: si placet, tene locum in Kalendario, sed para negare eum locum meo dicto post Junum XXI.

Tota clara tibi? (Si non, vide infra.)


Legatus pro tempore,

Petrus Amram

fortasse = perhaps
regnabo = I will direct
sed = but
si = if
cursorum = of runners
quia = because
gregem = crowd, pack, mob, herd, group
placet = it is pleasing
para = imperative of parare whose partaciple is paratus, eg, semper paratus

Latest update -- Thanks to the work of my brother Michael, new Special Assistant to the Commissioner for Dead Languages, I now can report what Peter Amram was saying:

Great Ruler:

Greetings, leader of the contest.

I may perhaps direct a short and very fast race in the forest the evening of July 7 in Needam MA.

But, if if the similar race designed and directed by [? lit. from the mind and the hand of] Samantha Saeger the evening of June 21 (already on your calendar) does not have enough runners, I will not direct my race, because I don't want to do the work for a very small group.

Therefore, if you wish, put it down on your calendar but be ready to cancel the event if I let you know after June 21.

Is all clear to you? (If not see below).


Your assistant, for now,

Peter Amram