Oringen 5-Dagars, Day 3, Sweden, 1984, M40A Long

This was our third trip to the Oringen, and the best result so far. In 1984 it was in Blekinge in southeast Sweden, terrain perhaps a bit more like New England -- trails, stone walls, a bit thick in places. I was 6th on this day, 50:49 for 7.5 km, 3:45 behind the leader but only 1:09 out of second. I had the advantage of a late start this day, as there were lots of tracks, and had a good run, the only flaw being a route from 2 to 3 that could have been straighter. I remember being really pleased with 6th.

Places for the week were 22nd, 10th, 6th, 9th, and then 56th in the chase start (another blown first control), where I started 7th and finished 10th. Still pretty good, out of148 in the class, the top one of 6 M40 classes.