Swiss Cup, Day 1, Switzerland, 1984, M40

The Swiss Cup in 1984 was a two-day event in central Switzerland, though each day counted as a separate competition. Day 1 was at Raten Gottschalkenberg. I was somewhat surprised to arrive at the start and find that they were using master maps -- they gave you 2 minutes, if it took less you had time to study the course, if it took more, too bad. It also explained why all the Swiss seemed to be wearing a red pen on a string around their neck. If you didn't have a pen, well, I think they me me some sort of colored pencil. The course, and my route, is hard to see, and I've magnified the map some.

Classic Swiss terrain, lots of steep hillsides, take your choice between terrible traverses or a lot of extra climb and drop to use the trails. For some reason I like this sort of stuff.