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Latest additions:

Added DVOA sprint team fundraiser at Valley Forge Fatlands, PA, September 10 (added August 23)

Date set (Saturday, August 26) for Quantico Sprint doubleheader team fundraiser in Bristol, MD (added August 10)

Added sprint at Alberta O Champs, Calgary, AB, September 2 (added August 9)

Added SDO sprint, La Jolla, CA, July 30 (added July 19)

Added OCIN doubleheader, Ft. St. Clair, Eaton, OH, August 5 (added July 6)

Changed rules to extend the closing date for the Sprint Series from August 31 to Saturday, September 9, to include the BC Sprint Champs in the Series (added February 17)

Added two changes to the point system for 2006 -- the "fundraiser 5-point bonus" and the "10-point minumum." See below. (added Dec. 16)


2006 Sprint Series (105 sprints so far, more to come)

To add a sprint to the 2006 Sprint Series, send details -- where, when (including approximate time of day), e-mail contact for a contact person, and web address for the host club, plus anything other info you want to add to the calendar, such as other events on the same day -- to the Commissioner ( at least 20 days prior to the event. Please also add a link from your club's website to this page (

The Rules for the 2006 Sprint Series

The Sprint Series is sponsored by Joe Scarborough of Scarborough Orienteering and  

Sprint Series races in 2006, the number in parentheses is the points to the winner. Note that there are two changes in the point system for 2006 --

1. Any sprint that is a fundraiser for the Senior or Junior Team, USA or Canadian, gets a bonus 5 points. So, for example, the sprint at the LAOC/SDOC A Meet is a 45-pointer, not a 40-pointer.

2. Anyone who finishes a sprint will get a minimum of 10 points. So, for example, for a 30-pointer, the winner gets 30, 2nd gets 29, on down to 21st, who gets 10, and then everyone else who finishes 22nd or lower get 10 points as long as they finish.

January (3)

(30) New Year's Sprint, Green Lake, Seattle, WA, Sunday, January 1 (start times midnight to 12:45 am!). Organized by Meridian Geographics. Meet director and course setter: Eric Bone (206-367-0839). Call or e-mail Eric to reserve a map and get one of the first start slots.

(40) Winter Training Camp Sprint, most likely at Rattlesnake Point near Milton, Ontario, Friday, January 6. Part of a winter training camp featuring Holger Hott and Sandy Johansen.

(45) Sprint at LAOC/SDOC A Meet, Anza Borrego Desert, CA, Saturday January 14. Sprint will be a Team fundraiser, courses by Vlad Gusiatnikov and Rex Winterbottem.

February (6)

(tripleheader -- 3 @ 30) Sharon Woods Sprints, Sharonville, OH, Saturday, February 4. E-punching. Course setter: Matthew Robbins.

(45) Sprint at Florida OC / US Team A Meet, near Orlando, FL, Friday afternoon February 24. Sprint is a sanctioned A meet, also middle distance on Saturday and classic on Sunday. Sprint will be a Team fundraiser.

(doubleheader -- 2 @ 30) Pacific Spirit Sprints, Pacific Spirit Park, Vancouver, BC, Sunday, February 26. Meet director: Louise Oram.

March (10)

(doubleheader -- 30 and 40) BAOC Sprint Champs, Pt. Pinole, Richmond, CA, Sunday, March 5. Prologue (30 pointer) and Chase (40 pointer). Meet director: Steve Gregg.

(doubleheader -- 2 @ 30) Pine Hill Sprint, Medford, MA, Sunday, March 5. Meet directors: Michael Commons and Jonathan Campbell.

(30) DVOA Tyler Park Sprint, Tyler Park, Bucks County, PA, Sunday, March 12. Also a score-O'. Meet director: Clem McGrath.

(30) Sprint at Hibernia County Park, Chester County, PA, Sunday, March 19. Also regular courses. Meet director: Karl Ahlswede.

(30) Sprint at Waterfall Glen East, Darien, IL, Sunday, March 19, 1:00 pm start after regular courses in the morning. E-punching. Meet director: Joe Sackett.

(30) Sprint in Central Park, New York, NY, Sunday March 19. Also regular courses. Meet director: Jeremy Colgan.

(30) German Ridge Sprint, Hoosier NF, Tell City, IN, Saturday, March 25. Also regular courses. Meet directors: Edgar Paul and Arnie Franklin.

(30) Peak-2-Peak Sprint, Dundas Valley, Hamilton, Ontario, Saturday, March 25.

April (12)

(50) US Sprint Championships, East Fork SP (north side), Batavia, OH, Saturday morning, April 1. Sprint is a sanctioned A meet, also relay on Saturday afternoon and classic (farsta) on Sunday. Scoring for the event will be a little different because there are three courses, so we will do the following -- each course will be scored as a separate event for the Sprint Series, with the Blue/Red giving 50 points to the winner (and 49 for second, and so on), the Green/Brown/Orange 40 points to the winner (and 39 for second, and so on), and the Yellow/White 30 points to the winner (and 29 for second, and so on). As for all sprints this year, anyone who finishes gets at least 10 points.

(doubleheader -- 2 @ 30) Sprints at Needham Town Forest, SW of Boston, Sunday, April 2. Please indicate interest to meet director Peter Amram so he knows roughly how many maps to print.

(30) BAOC sprint at Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA, Sunday, April 9. In conjunction with Stanford OC. Meet director: Russell Neilson.

(30) Sprint at Deer Grove, Palatine, IL, Sunday, April 9, 1:00 pm start after regular courses in the morning. Probably E-punching. Meet director: Jim Gordon.

(30) Tax Day Sprint, McNeely Lake Park, Louisville, KY, Saturday, April 15. Also regular courses. Meet director: Eric Hallstrom.

(30) BAOC sprint at Santa Rosa, Spring Lake State Park, Santa Rosa, CA, Saturday, April 15. Meet director: Scott Aster.

(30) GHO Sprint Series #1, Hamilton, Ontario, Wednesday evening, April 19.

(45) Sprint at Interscholastic Champs, DuPont State Forest, Cedar Mountain, NC, Friday afternoon, April 21 (on the model map). Contact: Kris Harrison. Sprint will be a Junior Team fundraiser.

(30) HVO sprint at Silvermine, Harriman SP, Harriman, NY, Saturday, April 22. Also regular courses. Meet director: Daniel Schaublin.

(30) CSU Park-O #1, Franklin Park, Dorchester, MA, Tuesday evening, April 25. Course setter: Pia Kivisakk.

(30) Sprint at Basil Marella Park, Greece, NY, Sunday, April 30. Also regular courses. Starts from noon - 2 pm.

May (25)

(30) GHO Sprint Series #2, Hamilton, Ontario, Wednesday evening, May 3.

(30) CSU Park-O #2, Fresh Pond, Cambridge, MA, Wednesday evening, May 3. Course Setter: Larry Berman.

(30) Calgary Sprint Series #1, Baker Park, Calgary, AB, Wednesday evening, May 3. More info: Adrian Zissos.

(45) Sprint at West Point, Camp Buckner, West Point, NY, Saturday afternoon, May 6. Course setter: Peter Gagarin. Sprint will be a Team fundraiser.

(doubleheader -- 2 @ 30) QOC's University of Maryland Sprints, College Park, MD, Sunday, May 7. This sprints will take place on the main University Maryland Campus. One race will be almost exclusively in the building section and one in more open field areas. Meet Director: Michael Newman.

(30) GVOC Sprint at Vanier Park, Vancouver, BC, Sunday, May 7. Meet Director: Thomas Nipen.

(30) CSU Park-O #3, Menotomy Rocksl, Arlington, MA, Thursday evening, May 11. Course Setter: Ian Finlayson.

(doubleheader -- 2 @ 45) Billygoat Weekend Sprints, Pond Mountain, Kent, CT, Saturday afternoon, May 13. Course setter: Peter Goodwin. Sprints will be a Team fundraiser.

(30) PTOC's Sar-Ko-Par Trails Park Sprint. Lenexa, KS, Saturday afternoon, May 13. Meet director: Dick Neuberger.

(30) CSU Park-O #4, Cat Rock Park, Weston, MA, Tuesday evening, May 16. Course Setter: Jon Campbell.

(30) GHO Sprint Series #3, Hamilton, Ontario, Wednesday evening, May 17.

(50) US Team Trials, University of Missouri at St. Louis, St. Louis, MO, Friday afternoon, May 19. Sprint is a sanctioned A meet, also middle distance on Saturday and classic on Sunday.

(40) Eastern Canadian Champs, Lac Beauchamp near Ottawa, Ontario, Saturday afternoon, May 20. Also a middle distance Saturday morning and a classic distance on Sunday. Meet director: Bill Anderson.

(30) Mt. Laguna sprint, near Alpine, CA, Saturday afternoon, May 20. Part of a 2-day event with classic distance courses (white-red) on both Saturday and Sunday mornings. More info: Dan Felitsky.

(30) Lincoln Park Sprint, Tucson, AZ, Saturday afternoon (5 pm), May 20. Meet Director: Peg Davis.

(30) Bernheim Forest Sprint, Louisville, KY, Saturday, May 20. Meet directors: Jim Carter and Rich Mazzoli.

(40) Sage Stomp Sprint, Aspen Grove, BC, Sunday, May 21. Part of the 21st Sage Stomp O' Meet, also a classic distance event on Saturday and a middle distance event after the sprint on Sunday. More info: Marie-Catherine Bruno.

(doubleheader -- 2 @ 30) Annapolis Sprints, Broad Creek Park, Annapolis, MD, Sunday, May 21. Meet Director: George Ford.

(30) CSU Park-O #5, Pine Hill, Medford, MA, Wednesday evening, May 24. Course Setter: Sanna Sevanto.

(doubleheader -- 2 @ 30) Forest Park Sprints, Forest Park, Springfiield, MA, Saturday, May 27. Course setter: Phil Bricker.

(30) Sprint at Durand Eastman Park, Rochester, NY, Sunday, May 28. Also regular courses. Starts from noon - 2 pm.

(30) GHO Sprint Series #4, Hamilton, Ontario, Wednesday evening, May 31.

June (15)

(30) CSU Park-O #6, Pine Banks, Medford, MA, Thursday evening, June 1. Course Setter: Brendan Shields.

(40) Canadian Team Trials Sprint (non-selection race), Barebones Festival, Smokey Lake, Alberta, Friday, June 2. More info: Adrian Zissos.

(50) Canadian Team Trials Sprint, Barebones Festival, Smokey Lake, Alberta, Saturday, June 3. More info: Adrian Zissos.

(30) Calgary Sprint Series #2, Prince's Island, Calgary, AB, Wednesday evening, June 7. More info: Adrian Zissos.

(40) Falcon Cup Sprint, Fundy National Park, New Brunswick, Saturday, June 10. Also a relay on Saturday and the Falcon Cup A Meet on Sunday. More info: David Ross.

(doubleheader -- 2 @ 30) GVOC Doubleheader Sprints, Queen's Park and Robert Burnaby Park, Vancouver, BC, Sunday, June 11. Meet Director: Magnus Johansson.

Note new date -- (tripleheader -- 2 @ 35 and 1 @ 45) Sprints at Harriman SP, Sebago Beach, NY, Saturday, June 17. One of the sprints will be a 45-pointer. Junior team fundraiser. More info: John Fredrickson.

(doubleheader -- 2 @ 30) Bethel Sprints, Bethel, CT, Sunday, June 18. More info: Susan DeWitt.

(doubleheader -- 2 @ 35) NTOA Summer Sprints, Harry Moss Park, Dallas, TX, Saturday, June 24. Also a picnic afterwards. Junior team fundraiser. More info: Tom Carr.

July (15)

(40) Navstock Sprint, Horseshoe Valley, near Barrie, ON, Saturday afternoon, July 1. Part of Navstock weekend,, also a middle distance Saturday morning, a classic Sunday, and other fun and games. More info: Hans Fransson.

Note new date -- (doubleheader -- 2 @ 30) Ratlum Mountain Sprints, Canton, CT, Sunday July 2. Associated with WCOC's summer meeting and picnic. Meet director/host: Charlie DeWeese

(tripleheader -- 3 @ 30) Foot Fetish Sprints, Laramie, WY, Sunday, July 2. #1 - Cowboy Boot sprint at Twin Boulders, course setter: Mikell Platt. #2 - Painted Toe Nail sprint at Jubal E. Spring, course setter: Kris Beecroft. #3 - Manolo Blahnik sprint at Idonwannabe, course setter: Mary Jones.

(doubleheader -- 2 @ 40) Spring Run-Off Sprints, Kimberly, BC, Monday, July 3. Also a street-O Friday evening and Ameet classic courses Saturday and Sunday. More info: MC Bruno.

(30) Calgary Sprint Series #3, Beaverdam Flats, Calgary, AB, Wednesday evening, July 5. More info: Adrian Zissos.

(40) Sprint at Western Canadian Champs, Whitehorse, Yukon, Friday, July 14. The Sprint will be held on a fully revised and expanded map along a portion of the Yukon River in Whitehorse. The large-scale map will be drawn according to the latest IOF specifications for sprint maps.

(doubleheader -- 2 @ 30) Forest Park Day/Night Sprints, St. Louis, MO, Saturday, July 22. First sprint at 5 pm, second one after dark. Meet director: Eric Buckley.

(30) Ottawa OC sprint, Kanata Lakes (Innovation Drive), Kanata, ON, Wednesday evening (6 pm starts), July 26. More info: Stefan Bergstrom

(30) Sprint at Genesee Valley Park, Rochester, NY, Saturday, July 29. Starts from 10 am - noon. Also Score-O mass start at 10 am.

(30) PTOC Summer Park O Series 1, Wyandotte County Park, NE of Bonner Springs, KS, Saturday, July 29. Meet Director: Dick Neuberger.

(30) SDO sprint at the University of California San Diego, La Jolla, CA, Sunday, July 30. Also a mystery O. Meet director: Dan Felitsky.

August (13)

(30) Calgary Sprint Series #4, Pearce Estates, Calgary, AB, Wednesday evening, August 2. More info: Adrian Zissos.

(30) BAOC Suburban Sprint, Oakland, CA, Friday evening, August 4. Part of the Urban Festival of Orienteering (various other events all weekend). More info: Rex Winterbottom.

(30) BAOC Golden Gate Park Tour de Fog Sprint, San Francisco, CA, Saturday, August 5. Part of the Urban Festival of Orienteering (various other events all weekend). More info: Rex Winterbottom.

(doubleheader -- 2 @ 30) OCIN sprints, Ft. St. Clair, Eaton, OH, Saturday August 5. Course setter: Jon Rauschenbach.

(30) BAOC Oakland Hills Thrills Sprint, Joaquin Miller Park, Oakland, CA, Sunday, August 6. Part of the Urban Festival of Orienteering (various other events all weekend). More info: Rex Winterbottom.

(30) Diamond Bay Sprint, Laramie, WY, Wednesday afternoon, August 9. Opening event of the 1000-Day.

(40) The Prologue, Laramie, WY, Friday, August 11. Idonwannabe map.

(45) Thousand Day Sprint, Laramie, WY, Tuesday, August 15. Gates of AMT Heel map. Sprint will be a Team fundraiser.

(doubleheader -- 2 @ 35) QOC Summer Sprint, Parris Glendenning Preserve, Bristol, MD, Saturday afternoon, August 26. Sprint will be a Team fundraiser. Part of the Quantico Summer Short Series. First use of map; fieldchecked and drafted by Dave Linthicum, 2004-2006. Mostly gentle terrain with some steeper areas along the river and creeks; some areas of intricate vegetation; mostly white woods. Meet Director: Peggy Dickison.

(50) Canadian Sprint Championship, Orangeville, Ontario, Saturday, August 26. Part of a 9-day series of events.

(30) PTOC Summer Park O Series 2, Longview Lake Park, Grandview, MO, Saturday, August 26. Meet Director: Dick Neuberger.

September (4)

(40) Alberta Champs Sprint, Camp Gardner, 20 km west of Calgary, AB, Saturday afternoon, September 2. Also a middle distance in the morning and a classic on Sunday. More info: Andree Powers.

(30) Calgary Sprint Series #5, Lowery Gardens, Calgary, AB, Wednesday evening, September 6. More info: Adrian Zissos.

(40) BC Sprint Champs, Vancouver, BC, Saturday, September 9. Also middle distance on Saturday afternoon and classic on Sunday, plus informal sprint training on Wedneaday through Friday.

(doubleheader -- 2 @ 30) BAOC sprints at University of California, Berkeley, CA, Sunday, September 10. Prologue and chase format. Meet Director: Andrew Masalkov.

(35) DVOA sprint at Valley Forge Fatlands, Valley Forge, PA, Sunday, September 10. Starts 11 am to noon, also a mass-start score-O to follow (details subject to change). Sprint will be a Team fundraiser. More info: Wyatt Riley.