US Championships, December 3-4, Pocahontas SP, Richmond, VA. Day 1, 7.6 km, 61:24. Day 2 9.0 km, 67:54 (there was a map change on day 2).


Trip to the Maritimes (New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island in eastern Canada)

1. Woolastook Park, near Fredricton, NB, August 27. 7.7 km, 114:57. My notes on the map include lots of big mistakes and the word "THICK."

2. Wentworth East, Wentworth, NS, August 28. 5.7 km, 67:01. A relay, quite nasty,

3. Peakes, PEI, August 30. 7.7 km, 70:45. Also thick, the reason for the round-about routes. First by 7 seconds over Ted de St. Croix. The highlight (lowlight?) was the 4 dead pigs (big pigs!) at the SE corner of the field just west of #3. Got to run by them twice!

4. Point Pleasant Park, Halifax, NS, August 31. 5.8 km, 44:26. Two map exchanges, this is part one. Wonderful park for night-O' (or day-O'). Really fun.

5. Canadian Champs day 1, Wentworth West, Wentworth, NS, September 3, 9.0 km, 101:55. Rain, thick woods, questionable map (like all maps back then). Colin Kirk was standing in the field near the last control saying (and pointing), "No it's not where it's mapped, it's over there." 5th place.

6. Canadian Champs day 2, Wentworth West, Wentworth, NS, September 4, 8.0 km, 82:49. Third for the day, third overall.